Self Harm

Why do we do it?

Self harm can include cutting, eating disorders, over or under exercise, and just plain hurting yourself. Usually it is a way of coping and handling difficult feelings.

Many people who self harm hear others saying that they do it just to get attention. Many self-harmers need attention and don’t get it.

Self harmers need to talk and let their secret out. Self harming does not mean that you are crazy or different. It is just a chosen method of coping. It does not mean that you have serious psychological issues. Self harming is not just done by teenagers.

Sometimes self harm is the only thing that a person can control in their life.

Self harmers often do not like hurting themselves and often want to stop but don’t know how.

Pure Counselling can help you if you self harm. It is terrifying and humiliating to disclose a secret such as this, but there is help for you.

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