Walking through the door of the counselling session can be the most difficult part. Pure Counselling offers a relaxed atmosphere to discuss your concerns. We focus on people enjoying life rather than enduring life. We cannot wait to support you through this process.  WE WELCOME YOU.

At Pure Counselling, you will be treated with respect and dignity and you will be heard. WE LISTEN.

Pure Counselling understand people and are genuine in our interactions. WE CARE.

Pure Counselling offers Professional Counselling through Face to Face sessions, Skype and telephone. WE MAKE IT HAPPEN.

We offer counselling to:

  • Children 4 years and up (discount)
  • School students; elementary and high school (discount)
  • University and TAFE students (discount)
  • Adults

Pure Counselling is an easy-going environment where your voice is heard.

Counselling can instil hope and help make your decisions clear.

Counselling can help you move through long term issues and get you back into enjoying your life.

Counselling can help you through the hard times.

Counselling can give you another perspective.

Counselling gives you support through your transitions.

Counselling is a place to be heard, when others are tired of listening.