• Depression


    What is causing my depression? Is their hope? Will it ever get better?There are many causes of depression; medical issues, grief and loss, relationships, physical problems.You can live a fulfilling life again. This is the beginning. Let’s talk…

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  • Anxiety


    How much time are you spending on worry? Are you constantly tired? Are you able to relax at all?Anxiety can come on slowly throughout your life. There is hope for a more tolerable way of living. You do not have to suffer anymore. Let’s talk… Every human deserves to be heard– Jani Marshall Coming soon.…

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  • Suicide


    Sometimes life gets so hard that suicide is your only option. Have you ever considered suicide? It is worthwhile to talk to someone if you are having these thoughts. There is a better way and a better life to be had. Let someone who cares and understands walk through this time with you. Let’s talk……

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